Our Philosophy

Technology with a human touch

People first, technology second. We aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives through technology:

  • technology with a human touch
  • technology which makes a difference in how people live and interact
  • technology that makes our world a better place

Our Philosophy

Pragmatism over perfection

  • We strive for excellence, not perfection.
  • We focus on time-to-market without compromise on quality.
  • We adopt a pragmatic approach by delivering Minimum Viable Product quick and enhance based on market’s feedback, instead of aiming to develop a ‘perfect’ solution up front.
  • With this approach, users will not only benefit from earlier hands-on on our product but also give them a chance to collaborate with us and be part of the development journey.

Our Philosophy

Disruptive yet inclusive

  • The word “disruptive” more often than not carries a negative connotation.
  • Our definition of “disruptive” is simply put, “innovative” or “ground-breaking” in the sense that we make bold changes to better the lives of our people through technology.
  • We aim to deliver solutions that are inclusive and bring benefits and values to the wider community than to a niche audience.

Our Gameplan


2017 – September/October



2017 – July/August




2017 – June





Full-scale product development

Setting up NEO blockchain test net

To contribute to the NEO blockchain ecosystem, we are setting up a test net to encourage blockchain enthusiasts to claim GAS and try things out in this free sandpit.

Prototyping cashless payment platform for schools

We have built a prototype using Ethereum blockchain as the payment network and Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology that allows students to use their IDs to make transactions at merchants’ Android devices.


Being a young technology laboratory, the primary goal in our early stage is to conduct as many “experiments” and to build as many prototypes as possible. Rigorous brainstorming, iterative product development and stringent evaluations of each prototype we make will allow us to lay a strong foundation for the subsequent phases of our journey.